Editorial Policy & Guidelines

Our work at anastasiiakrivenok.com encompasses a wide array of topics in the beauty, skincare, and haircare domains. This includes covering timeless subjects, staying updated on the latest trends and news, providing comprehensive product reviews, and revising existing content to align with the latest scientific research. The core principles guiding our content creation are as follows:

1. Disregarding Marketing Claims

When we address topics, be they informative content or product reviews, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ignoring all marketing claims. We don’t allow ourselves to be swayed by the assertions of advertisers, irrespective of the references and sources they cite. It’s common for companies to make grandiose claims about their products, such as the numerous benefits they offer. However, we base our assessments on the product’s formula and the presence of scientifically proven ingredients rather than solely relying on advertising claims.

2. Brand Popularity

We recognize that a brand’s popularity doesn’t necessarily equate to its suitability for everyone. We don’t assume that a product is superior just because it’s associated with a well-loved brand.

3. Natural, Organic, or Clean Labels

With the absence of strict FDA regulations on cosmetics, it’s our responsibility to scrutinize product labels and ensure they aren’t misleadingly advertised as natural, non-toxic, or organic. We delve into a product’s ingredient list and verify the percentage of naturally sourced components.

4. Active Ingredients and Highlighted Ingredients

Many brands spotlight elements found at the end of their ingredients list, even if those ingredients make up a small percentage of the product. We critically examine the concentration of each highlighted ingredient, taking into account the six-ingredient rule, which asserts that the first ingredients constitute approximately 80% of a product.

5. Dermatologist-Tested or Clinically-Tested Claims

Statements like “Dermatologically-tested” on product labels are often unregulated and lack standardized testing procedures. These claims can be misleading and result in false advertising. We approach such claims with a discerning eye.

6. Reliable Information

We pride ourselves on being a reliable source of high-quality information that you can trust. Our commitment to providing credible content is made possible through our close professional relationships with dermatologists, cosmeticians, and makeup artists. We consult these experts to ensure that our content is not only safe but also accredited by skilled professionals.

7. Safety Concerns

We understand that safety is paramount when it comes to cosmetics, given the varied ingredients they contain. Our duty is to guarantee that none of the products we recommend pose health or skin risks to our readers. Cosmetic products often contain active ingredients that can cause actual changes in the skin, and we prioritize the safety of our audience.

8. Readers Come First

Every article we publish on anastasiiakrivenok.com is created with a singular objective: to assist our readers by offering transparent and honest answers to their inquiries. Our content is accurate, thorough, and updated to reflect the most recent advancements in beauty and skincare.

9. Value Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to providing unbiased opinions and treating everyone with respect, regardless of their background or characteristics. Diversity is a fundamental aspect of our values and commitment.

10. Source of Information & Writers

Our team comprises writers who have been selected carefully based on their professional expertise, writing capabilities, and research skills. We take precautions to ensure that our writers are well-versed in the fields of beauty and skincare.

11. Expert Review Board

Our Expert Review Board is composed of board-certified dermatologists specializing in both cosmetic and medical dermatology, cosmetic chemists, makeup artists, and other field experts. While they don’t exclusively work for anastasiiakrivenok.com, they assist us in reviewing articles from time to time.

12. Product Reviews Process

Our objective is to assist our readers in making informed decisions when it comes to beauty, skincare, and haircare products. Our product recommendation process is comprehensive and focuses on the goals and safety of our audience. Our criteria for product recommendations include:

  • Customer Review Profile: When we cannot personally test a product, we meticulously analyze customer reviews to gather insights about the product’s performance, suitability for various skin types, effectiveness in addressing specific concerns, and other relevant quality aspects.
  • Six Ingredients Rule: By law, brands must disclose the ingredients in their formula in descending order, with the first ingredients making up a substantial portion of the product. We typically review the first ten ingredients to gauge a product’s effectiveness.
  • Reader’s Skin Profile: We understand that skincare and makeup are not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, the user’s skin profile is a crucial factor in evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a product.
  • Reader’s Concerns and Goals: Products must be tailored not only to the user’s skin type but also to their specific concerns and objectives. We ensure that recommended products address the user’s particular skincare needs.

Our commitment is to provide accurate and transparent information, backed by research and expert insights, to unveil the unembellished truth in the world of beauty and skincare. Our articles are based not only on our team’s personal experiences and judgments but are deeply researched, with data sourced from trusted references.